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We just love coffee and people!

Now then, y'alright? Welcome to our new Jimmy Piggs website, you're in for a treat! To start with we'll just let you know a little bit about us, then you can crack on with the important stuff.. choosing which cake you want to order.

We're a family business so you'll always find kids running around with a cupcake in their hand and sisters being pulled in for group hugs. Over the years many of our customers have given us the pleasure of attending their weddings and we've had the honour of holding their hands at funerals. If you're looking to make a new friend as well as pick up a banging coffee then get your socks and shoes on. We care so much more than your typical chain coffee shop, so much so that our Mummy Piggs Lydia is rather famous for being able to find out someone's entire life story within the first five minutes of meeting them. 

If you're as massive a coffee geek as we are you'll like this next bit.. Before we opened we tried a lot (and I mean a lot) of espresso before choosing the perfect one and we are now proud to work with a local independent roastery who care about coffee as much as we do. Our exclusive Jimmy Piggs' blend of beans are ethically sourced from Brazil, India and El Salvador which have been gently roasted to create rich chocolate and caramel flavour notes. 

Another important part of who we are is that we love to bake. All of our cakes are homemade on site and we have spent years adapting and perfecting our recipes to create the unique Jimmy Piggs cakes you know and love. Our bakers enjoy spending afternoons with their creative hats on, coming up with new flavour combinations - like our Banana and Nutella Cake and the Peanut Butter Crownie, ooh or maybe Cherry and Coconut tart, mmmm I think I'll take a Lotus Biscoff Brownie home for later.... what were we on about again? Oh yea if you need any help deciding which one to try first, we've tested them all so don't worry we're happy to help. 

We're open Monday to Saturday, 8am to 4pm for sit in or take away. If it's your first time visiting we can't wait to meet you and if you've been coming in for years we can't wait for a catch up! See you soon!

"There are no strangers in here, just friends you haven't met" - Roald Dahl

Eliza, Clare, Evelyn and Lydia are holding fruit such as organic apples, blackberries and pears all picked from the allotment


We are super green thumbs!

We are becoming increasingly aware of the impact we have on our environment and the ways in which we can reduce it. We've recently acquired our own allotment plot and are really enjoying spending time down there creating space to grow fresh fruit and veg. We're still finding our feet but once we're ready you'll be able to enjoy our produce prepared in your sandwiches and cakes. It's so exciting having this opportunity, mainly because homegrown organic produce is so much fresher and tastier than store bought, but also because it will enable us to massively cut down on our plastic wastage.

Did you know that used coffee grounds are a great fertiliser for your garden? So if you too like to grow your own, then next time you pop in feel free to ask us to bag up our used coffee grounds and you can add it to your soil - saves it going in the bin!

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